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■andy williams show tour of Japan 1982

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♪moon river
♪ new york new york /the i see you
♪ love story
♪ memory-from the hit londo musical cats
♪ mac arthr park
♪ regrets
♪ until it's time for of to go

i sing the songs medley
♪ happy heart / more
/ can't get used to losig you / bron free / almost there
/ the hawiian wedding sog / The days of wine and roses  / charade

♪/I cant help falling in love with you
♪ when you fall jn love
♪ speak godfather softoly now -theme from the godfther
♪ my way/May each day

andy williams show tour of Japan 1982を再現しました。

2012/7/24  更新

確か・・・WHEN YOU FALL IN LOVEも話題になったはずですが・・。

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